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Dear Business Owner,

Yes, it’s true. For this month only we are giving away 10 FREE WordPress websites. We usually charge at a minimum of $2,000 per site and some of our websites have sold for over $10,000. 

So, what’s the catch?

Your website should be one of, if not, the main marketing asset for generating you new business. Whether that’s booking new clients, selling your products or building an email list, it is fundamental to your business success.

That’s why, we will be selecting businesses that we believe can benefit the most from getting new business.

We believe in giving value first, and by showing and proving our concept we can then show how using a website properly in your business can help you grow and make more sales.

Your website will be built around a specfic short & long term marketing strategy. Whether that involves ranking in the local search engines to attract new clients, or advertising for key phrases your target market are searching for, your website will be built with the sole outcome of new business in mind.

We are based in Saratoga Springs just off South Broadway and we will be running this campaign around the local area.

So to enter your chance to win a free website, simply click the button below and enter your details now.

But please hurry, because there is only enough time for 10 new client websites, so don’t put it off.

Thank you,

– Andy Ritchie


Check out some of our previous winners.

Hurry, winners will be chosen at the end of July.

For your chance to win a free website, click the button below and enter a few details about your business and we’ll pick the best 10 business’ that enter by the end of July.


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